5 Hooks to Use for Your Next Viral Video

October 28, 2023

We all know how crucial it is to hook your audience in the first 3 seconds of a video in order for it to get views. Hooks are much different now. Gone are the days of the long intros telling people what you do and who you are. Hooks have become so much less salesy and in your face and so much more organic and subliminal.

You might have already caught onto these hooks, but let’s dive a bit deeper!

The “silent hook” technique hooks your audience without it being in your face, salesy, or over explaining anything. It’s also a guaranteed way to take a video from mediocre to viral.

Below are 5 silent hooks to try in your next video.

  1. Movement
    You’ve all seen these videos. Someone putting on lip gloss, moving the phone into position or moving into the frame itself. This will captivate someone immediately and make them not want to look away. You’re visually AND mentally stimulating people with this one.
  2. The Shock Factor
    Start your video doing or saying something shocking but continue the video as you would casually talking. This captivates people in a way that they literally can’t look away. They have to see what will happen next. Saying or doing something in your video that is shocking while being casual at the same time will stop the scroll because people will want to know the outcome.
  3. Mini Mic Moment
    When people see this, they know you’re about to drop some SERIOUS knowledge and won’t scroll.
  4. Visual Prop
    Something like drinking or stirring a drink is visually AND auditorily captivating and encourages your audience to engage with it. The sound of. The stirring hits on that ASMR aspect and the auditory stimulation.
  5. Whisper
    Quite the opposite of being in your face or salsey. I’m talking about literally whispering the first few words of your video and then going into everything else normally. This hits on the stimulation people feel from ASMR and will be so different from what people are seeing on their feeds that they can’t help but watch.

Final Thoughts

If you really want your videos to really pop off, try switching up and testing hooks that resonate with your audience.

Of course, you already know my DMs are always open. I’d love to hear how you implement these hooks into your content and how they work for you! If you are looking for 1:1 support, book a call here, or shoot me a DM so we can chat 🫶🏼