No more copy-and-paste strategies that, let’s be honest, might work for a week but won’t sustain you long-term.

Instead, we craft a custom marketing strategy that infuses your uniqueness, setting you apart from everyone else in your industry, making you the ONLY person people want to buy from.

Your audience will feel seen and heard, sliding into your DMs asking for the payment link, saying, "How can I buy?!"

Through my proven Magnetic Framework, we combine marketing, PR, and sales strategies to create more traffic, higher conversion rates, and expansive authority for your brand.

pronounced /mood/

about müd

Strategy and impact. Attention and execution. Aesthetics and conversions.

When you work with Müd, Sarah becomes part of your team. She's focused on helping her clients tell their stories through strategic brand development, social media strategy and infusing your content with sales psychology for the best conversions. She strategically designs solutions that reflects her client’s brand, culture, and values. She works with her clients to create a custom approach that fits their needs and delivers the most impactful message possible. Müd strives to elevate your brand with unique experiences for their clients by utilizing world class marketing strategies to tell your unique story.

You can have it all!


When you work with Sarah & Müd, we craft a custom marketing strategy that not only generates brand attention but also builds an audience of virtual besties, resulting in easy and consistent sales and national media attention. 


meet the founder and your coach, sarah memmer

Two years ago I was working at a Public Relations agency, looking at the clients I was working with & knowing I couldn't help them reach their goals because traditional forms of marketing and PR are dead. 

So I took matters into my own hands. I left my agency job to start my own consulting firm. One where I could help my clients grow a raving community online, garner national media attention, & generate sales without forking out 10s of thousands of dollars to a PR agency or spending a dime on ads.

Today, using my signature Magnetic Framework, my clients have grown from 0-100k followers in 90 days, created over 6-figures in sales for their offer, and garnered national media attention, all from their organic content.

You can too - don't worry, I'll show you how! I teach people how to build a profitable personal brand so they get the recognition they deserve, live life on their own terms, & make money doing it!


Quick Facts about Sarah

midwesterner living in SoCal

stereotypical Capricorn

competitive dancer for 16 years

sec football obsessed (hotty toddy 🩵)

music junkie

my company was on dance moms & we beat abby lee

100k + hours yearly on Spotify // 300+ concerts

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