Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2023

January 20, 2023

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, a website isn’t necessary if you own a business, right? Social Media has replaced the need to have a website, so what’s the point? Here’s why it’s essential your business has a website in 2023.

A business’s online presence, regardless of industry, can have a massive impact on its success. In this day and age, some businesses still don’t realize that a majority of their customers will visit their website before making a purchase.

Having a strong online presence, particularly a website, can be make or break for generating more revenue. Yes, the quality of your website impacts results.

I’ve helped numerous companies of varying sizes create their digital presence, not just via web design, but also by growing their social media presence. The two work in tandem. In some cases, organizations are hesitant to get online because they feel they are not tech-savvy enough and don’t understand how to manage a website. Other times, companies are concerned about the price. Let’s not forget that any and all social media platforms could cease to exist tomorrow, and your audience could be gone forever. When you have your own website, your audience will always be able to find you.

If you still aren’t convinced you need a website, here are the 5 reasons it’s important for your business to have a website in 2023:

  • Credibility: Without a website, people may question your legitimacy as a business. Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you’re a real business. Chances are there are several providers offering a similar service to yours. You can stand out by having a website that looks beautiful and clearly communicates quality information to your consumers.
  • Leads: With a website, it can also help your business attract more potential customers. When potential leads visit your website, they could find out information about your business or create an account to purchase any products or services. Even though websites have a cost, when optimized correctly, they have a positive ROI for your business.
  • Organic Traffic: On average, people go on Google to search for answers to their questions 100 billion times per month! With a website, it gives your business the chance to rank higher in search engines like Google, which makes it easier for consumers to find your business, product or services. This can also help attract more traffic to your website and increase your customer base more than someone without a website.
  • Updates + Customer Service: When you have a website, it’s easy for consumers to get in touch with you and learn more about your products and services in just a couple of clicks. A majority of people expect businesses to have a website nowadays, and if they don’t have one, that reflects poorly on the company itself. When a potential customer can find useful information without needing to call or email you, it provides a positive user experience.
  • Digital Marketing: If you have a social media presence or plan on running any type of Ad to increase your leads and grow your business, you’ll likely want to drive traffic to a website or landing page. In order to do this effectively, you need to leverage the traffic that you already have on your website in order to target the right customers and get the best ROI on your ad spend. This is important even if you don’t plan on running ads.

Was this article enough to convince you your business is ready for an updated website? If you answered yes, Müd is ready to create the website of your dreams. Learn more here!