10 Content Ideas For Authors

December 8, 2023

Are you an author who knows you need to create content, but you get stuck? You know you need to post, but you can’t bring yourself to create. You’re probably out of content ideas because you might not have clarity in your message and brand.

Here are 10 social media content ideas to get your creative juices flowing and have more clarity in your content plan!


When was the last time you shared your story? No, not your entire life story. The reason you started writing or wanted to publish a book in the first place. Or maybe you had a setback recently and overcame it. Storytelling is highly effective because they can see the human behind the account and connect with you. You’ve probably heard it before but let me say it again as a little reminder, people buy from people.


I bet you have a post that did a lot better than the rest. It’s so important to be analyzing why certain posts do well and why some don’t. Was it the hook? Was it the format? Once you can determine WHY a post did better than the rest, you need to repeat it and recreate it. Your audience is telling you they liked it and want more! You should be looking back at your content weekly and seeing what performed well and come up with a plan for recreating that content.


What’s something your ideal client is struggling with and how is your book the answer to their problem? If you can speak to just one of their problems in a post, this is super highly converting! Why? Because you are illuminating their problems which will make them feel like you’re in their head, and then positioning yourself and your book as the solution.


You know that your book is great. But readers – especially readers who are just discovering you – don’t know that yet! So it’s your job to share with readers and potential readers WHY your book is amazing!

You don’t have to give everything away but you have to show them why your book is what they are looking for. Buyers are selfish and only care about what’s in it for them, so share the WHY behind your book.


What’s something you see often talked about in your niche that isn’t true? Bust the myth! This type of content is great for building trust because it shows you as the authority or person who knows what they’re talking about.


Take us behind the curtain! Show you on a call with your publisher (muted of course) or you filming content or anything you do in your brand that you normally wouldn’t film. People love to see behind the scenes of things. It’s why documentation content is so powerful. If you’re writing a new book, show the process!


For my self-help authors, tell your audience what mistakes they are making that are keeping them from their goals. Make sure this relates to your book, so you can position your book as the solution. This not only sets you apart from others in your niche but shows that you are an authority in your industry.


Are there certain tools you use to make your life easier or speed up your work? What’s your writing ritual? Share them with your audience! You don’t have to give away all your secret sauce, but a quick actionable win is a great way to excite your audience.


Series are amazing because they are highly engaging and they will keep people coming back for more! There are a lot of ways you can do this. If you’re a self-help author, you could start a series about your journey. If you’re a fiction author, you might create a series about how you came up with the idea, what inspired you, etc.


If your book is a memoir or self-help, what have you helped readers achieve? Talk about it! A huge way to get more readers is by sharing wins from people who have ALREADY read your book. Posts like “how this reader went from x to y” are highly converting.

I’d love to hear how you implement these content ideas! Shoot me a DM once you’ve done it. I’d love to check it out! If you are looking for 1:1 support, book a call here, or shoot me a DM so we can chat 🫶🏼