What is CBD Oil?

December 19, 2018

Let’s talk about anxiety for a sec.

It’s something that I somewhat recently started struggling with a lot. I have terrible social anxiety, so much so that I stopped going out with my friends for a large portion of my junior year of college. Once I realized that what was preventing me from going out was anxiety, going out got a little bit easier for me. Super weird I know, but it worked for me. I also started seeing a therapist which has helped immensely.

I’m more of a natural person when it comes to health issues. I would never go on an anti-anxiety medication or anything like that, so when I heard about CBD Oil, I knew it was something I had to test out for myself. Now that I’ve tried CBD Oil and reaped the benefits I want to let you in on how amazing it is!


what is CBD oil

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant — yes, in marijuana. But unlike THC which is also found in marijuana, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects. Meaning,  it doesn’t make you feel high. So there is nothing to be afraid of if you don’t like the feeling of getting high off of marijuana.

Plus, research has found it to be useful for treating inflammation, pain, anxiety, sleep, muscle spasms, skin disorders, and so much more.

This stuff is legit!

Why Do I Love It?

Along with anxiety, I also struggle with insomnia and have my whole life. I didn’t sleep through the night until I was 3 years old (sorry mom & Dad)!

Melatonin alone doesn’t do it for me. I’ve been on a small dose of sleeping medication since I was 16. If I don’t take my prescription, I will be up all night, and the night after that, and the night after that. I literally can’t sleep no matter how tired I am.

I love CBD because not only does it calm my anxiety completely- I mean I don’t have a single anxious thought, feeling- zip, zilch, nada after I take CBD. It also helps me fall asleep extremely fast.

I mentioned above that I take a small dose of sleep medicine to sleep at night. Well, it still takes me 2 to 3 hours to fall asleep. The first night I took CBD Oil on top of my prescription, I fell asleep in 30 minutes. I’m not sure I’ve ever fallen asleep that fast in my life.

CBD has been a game changer in all aspects of my life. Even if the CBD didn’t calm my anxiety I would still be using it solely because of how fast I am able to fall asleep!

How Do You Take it?

CBD comes in many different forms. Creams, pills like the CBD melatonin I mentioned above, and the most common, oil.

I normally buy the oil form which comes in a little dropper bottle. You can drop some below your tongue, mix it into any beverage, or even cook with it!

I prefer to take mine at night because it makes me tired (it doesn’t have that effect on everyone) If I’m super anxious in the morning, I will take it in the morning to get rid of those anxious feelings.

I don’t mix mine into anything, I fill the whole dropper full and put it right under my tongue to start feeling the effects!

Where Do You Get It?

I want to give y’all a little insight as to what to look for when you go to buy your CBD Oil.

Where I come from in the Midwest- Indiana to be exact, CBD was recently legalized. Yep legalized. So, if you’re shopping for CBD at your local supermarket or health food store, you want to make extra sure that you see that there is tincture in your CBD oil. If the CBD you’re looking at doesn’t have tincture in it, you are getting overpriced hemp oil which doesn’t have the same benefits as CBD.

I’m telling you this because, in Indiana, I’ve never found a CBD oil in the store that has tincture in it, which is one of the many reasons why I prefer getting mine from Medterra!

Medterra has a lot of different strengths of CBD from 500mg all the way to 3,000mg. I go for the 1,000mg. They also sell the amazing CBD melatonin dissolvable pills which are a game changer in my sleeping habits. They make a CBD cooling cream which feels great on my muscles after I’ve had a super hard workout.

Medterra has a ton of other CBD products like CBD Pills, a women’s vitamin, and more. I recommend checking out their site and trying out some of their products!

I love Medterra so much that I reached out to them and got a little discount code for y’all!

Use Code: SARAHMEMMER at checkout for 15% off your purchase!