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By purchasing Website in a Day, you agree to Müd and, or Sarah Memmer’s (“Service Providers”) terms of use. “Client” is entering into this Service Provider Agreement (“Agreement”) in order to memorialize terms that will govern any and all work that Service Provider may perform for Client during its term.


This Statement of Work (SOW) lays out the terms and scope of our Project.  All Deliverables provided and Services performed under this SOW are subject to the terms and conditions of the Web Design Services Agreement.

Web Design Services + Deliverables

You are hiring the Web Designer to provide the following:

  • Project Type: VIP WEBSITE IN A DAY
    • A 1-hour kick-off brand strategy call with Sarah Memmer, Founder of Müd
    • Brand vision, colors, fonts and WordMark Logo
    • Customized Desktop and Mobile versions of your customized template 
    • Access to instructional videos for the corresponding website template
    • Access to copywriting guide for each page of your website and how-to guide.
    • Complete mobile + Desktop optimization of the Home Page, About, Services, and Contact Page
    • Items not included in this scope: website hosting fees, domain name fees, e-commerce integration, blog migration, on-going web support, premium theme cost, domain, website platform yearly fee, etc.  

Client Deliverables

This document constitutes a strict deliverable agreement to ensure that the Service Provider is able to perform the tasks outlined in the SOW. The following materials need to be provided to us 48 hours before the kick-off branding call on the day of the scheduled intensive.

  • Website Template needs to be picked out by client from Müd template library.
  • Client needs to be signed up for Showit on a paid plan of their own
  •  Client needs to add Showit Key into their account prior to design
  • Client needs to reach out to Showit for a domain transfer to get the appropriate URL
  • Client needs to migrate blog or podcast if there is one
  • Client needs to have already purchased a domain name 
  • Fill out Client Deliverables Google Doc., Brand Questionnaire, provide website Copy for each page, Pinterest Board Inspo, photographs (all information in your acceptance email)
  • Gather testimonials from past clients to use on the website 
  • External links that will be used on the website
  • Legal pages consisting of Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy all need to be created prior to our kick-off branding call- where to purchase these legal items is located in the Client Deliverables Google Doc. If you choose not to use them, or want to launch without them, Sarah Memmer and Müd are not responsible for any GDPR Compliance issues or legality concerns related to your choice. 

Schedule + Deadlines

Important Note: I expect all my clients to be communicable for the entirety of the day. You’re welcome to take calls and go about your day while I design, but if questions arise, I do need responses within 30 minutes at max. Please let me know if you have things going on or appointments while we’re on our first call of the day, so I know when I can expect you to be busy. 

How effectively we follow this schedule is dependent on us receiving all Client Deliverables from you according to the deliverables outlined above. This ensures that both the Client and the Designer feel prepared before starting their work together.  At our request, you must also provide any additional resources for review at least 48 hours before the Project start date.    

We will make all reasonable efforts to meet the mutually agreed upon deadlines laid out in this Statement of Work, but completion is heavily dependent upon you providing the Client Deliverables and your feedback within the timelines below:

PREP: The Designer will provide the Client Deliverables Google Doc, Brand Questionnaire, Final Checklist, and Copywriting Guide, initial invoice for VIP Website in a Day deposit via clients preferred communication.  In order to secure the Project start date, you must sign the Agreement and pay the Project deposit.  You agree to return all client deliverables at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled intensive date. 


  • 8am-9am: Kick off branding call to review client deliverables, Pinterest board inspo. 
  • 9am-9:45 : create brand board
  • 9:45: Send branding to the client for approval (you will need to be available at this time to provide feedback)
  • 10-11am: Create Home page
  • 11am-1:30: Create About, Work Together,  and Contact Page 
  • 1:30-2:30: Create long form sales page, if applicable. Finish all design & mobile optimization 
  • 2:30-3:00: Send design for feedback (you will need to be available at this time to provide feedback)
  • 3:00-3:30: Review and revise web page design & functionality (you will need to be available for feedback)
  • 3:30-4:00: Site Check, upload plug-ins, check external links, transfer to client. 


All website links and logins will be delivered to you by email upon completion of the Project.*

 Pause & Rescheduling Clause

If for any reason the Project is put on hold—such as one party becoming ill, having a family or personal emergency, or if the Client is unable to provide the Designer with the Client Deliverables as requested and in a timely manner— the Project will be considered “paused.” It is solely within the Designer’s discretion to put this clause into action under reasonable circumstances if we deem it necessary.

After the Project is resumed, the Project start date will be rescheduled based on our current availability. Please note that our calendar fills up sometimes months in advance, so it is best for both parties to stay on top of the timeline above. If the resumed Project start date is unacceptable to you, the Designer still retains the right to keep all deposits and payments made thus far.  We may, in our sole discretion, refund money for any work not yet completed.

It is within our discretion to charge a rescheduling fee of 30% ($525) the total cost of the service in addition to the outstanding balance of the Client’s Project.  All fees must be paid in full prior to resuming the Project.

Office Hours + Communication

We are generally available from Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST.  All communication prior to the Project will be done via the client’s preferred communication, either through email correspondence at sarah@mudlikemood.com / hello@mudlikemood.com or Instagram DM @mudlikemood.  All communication on the scheduled date of the intensive will be done via phone call and text message.

We will also be using software and tools like Google Drive and markup.io to communicate with you/send and receive deliverables. By accepting this Statement of Work, you are agreeing to the various methods of communication that we utilize. 


All of the work for this Project, as detailed above, will total $1,750 USD. This quoted Project cost remains valid for 7 days from the date the SOW was sent to you. Any additional work outside the Project scope above will be subject to our hourly rate of $100 or an additional agreed upon Project rate that must be paid prior to us starting the additional work. 

Payment Schedule

A 50% {non-}refundable deposit of $875 is due upon signing the Web Designer Services Agreement to secure your Project start date on our calendar. The final 50% is due the day of your scheduled Project Date.

If the final payment is not made on time, we reserve the right of delivery of the project until the final payment is made in full, including any additional late fees as defined in the Agreement. 

A delay in final payments may result in a delay in your project completion date for which the Designer takes no responsibility. We recommend putting the payment schedule outlined above in your calendar to stay on top of any necessary payments. 

All payments should be made through the Designer’s invoice via Stripe.

The client is paying via Stripe.

Client understands and agrees that Client is financially responsible for all payments (listed above).

All of the personal information that the Client provides as part of the payment process may be collected by both Service Provider and Service Provider’s third-party payment processing providers. This includes, but is not limited to, name, email address, billing information, and credit card number. Please read Service Provider’s Privacy Policy concerning how Service Provider handles Service Provider’s personal information.

Service Provider’s third-party payment processing providers may have privacy policies and terms and conditions that differ from Service Provider’s. Service Provider has no liability or responsibility for the independent policies of Service Provider’s third-party payment processing providers. Client is encouraged to read the independent policies contained on the third-party payment processing providers’ websites.

Service Provider does not tolerate or accept any type of chargeback from Client’s credit card company. If said client needs to terminate this agreement prior to the Website in a Day, the client releases all money already paid in order to secure the day on Müd’s books.

Client agrees to abide by this Agreement and to pay Service Provider’s invoices on time, and agrees to the late payment clause in this agreement, listed above. 

Refunds + Cancellations

Based on the customized and personalized nature of this Project, no refunds will be issued and no returns will be accepted for this Project.  If you cancel the Project prior to the work being completed, we reserve the right to retain all payments made up to the cancel date and bill for the balance of any additional work. {If you cancel prior to the Project start date, we reserve the right to retain the initial non-refundable payment.

Edits + Revisions

The Statement of Work for this Project includes 2 rounds of feedback. We do not include a full rework during the feedback stage. If a full rework is needed, this additional project will be quoted separately on a flat fee or hourly basis.

If additional rounds of revisions are requested, we will make the revisions at a rate of $100 per hour. Please note that any revisions or changes requested that go beyond the Project scope outlined in this Statement of Work may result in a delayed completion date. 

Term + Termination

This Agreement begins on the Effective Date and will continue until completion of the Services under all applicable Statements of Work. 

Service Provider: Sarah Memmer                    
Founder and Designer at Müd                                                      
Email: hello@mudlikemood.com                                                                 
Date created: December 1st, 2022