3 Tips To Make Packing For Vacation Easier

December 18, 2017

I used to be the world’s worst packer, but I’ve been traveling so much over the past few years that I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way! Read on to see what I’ve learned that has taken the hassle out of packing and saved me a TON of room in my suitcase- because let’s be honest, you always need room to bring new stuff back with you!

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1. Organize Everything:

Use smaller bags for organizing. Even simple ziplock baggies (jumbo ziplock bags are life changing) will work for keeping everything in order from jewelry, belts, toiletries, & other accessories. Bring one bag for dirty clothes as well. The Away bag has a dirty clothes bag built into it (genius, right?) which makes everything super convenient.

2. Plan out all your outfits:

Before I start packing for any trip I do two things: 1. Look at the weather for the location I’m heading to, and 2. Pull a ton of options out of my closet and start creating outfits.  I always pack things that are versatile and make sure I will get more than on wear out of an item. I’m always changing things up with different accessories and shoes to make the outfits look fresh.

3. Go through everything a second time:

I am SO guilty of over packing especially when it comes to shoes ? When i’m packing for a trip I always walk away from everything I’ve initially packed and come back to it an hour or so later and got through everything again. 9/10 times I end up taking out items that I packed “just because.” Yes, I’m one of those packers who packs at least a day and a half ahead. If you are a last minute packer, the main thing is to not overthink what you are packing and talk yourself into packing items “just because.”

Hope this helps you pack a little more efficiently for your next getaway! I’d love to hear some of your packing tips. Let me know in the comments below!

Talk soon, my dudes!




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