Say Bye to Tired Eyes with VIICode

April 12, 2018
 Vii Code eye mask

This post is in partnership with VIIcode Beauty.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I never stay in one place too long. I’m always traveling or on the go and with that comes, not sleeping too much. Let’s be real; I don’t sleep much whether I’m on the go or not thanks to insomnia and an internal alarm clock of 5:30 a.m. (:

That’s ok though because I’ve found the most amazing product to fix those tired eyes! It’s VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask. This product has changed the way my under eyes look. I don’t suffer from dark circles, did you know dark circles are hereditary?? BUT I do suffer from puffy fatigued looking eyes and the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask has helped so much!

This is not your average eye mask for many reasons. These don’t slip and slide off your face thanks to the gel pads, once you put them on your face you don’t have to keep adjusting them to keep them in place! The eye mask also provides everything that sensitive skin under your eyes need to be healthy and hydrated. The coolest thing about this eye mask is that you can wear it for up to 8 hours. Yep, 8 hours. Pop them on at night and fall asleep just to wake up to hydrated glowing under eyes. Don’t worry you can still get great results wearing them for a few hours!

If I don’t sleep in them, I pop them on in the AM when I’m checking emails and getting ready for the day and voila! I look like I got 10 hours of sleep when in reality I only got maybe 6…

oxygen eye mask

Vii Code beauty

PRO TIP: pop these in the fridge for even more of a cooling effect.

We all need a little help with tired eye thanks to #adultlife so get your hands on the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks and thank me later!

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I have tired, puffy eyes and could really use this!

They work so well! I love sticking mine in the fridge to get them cold!