5 Tips to Help You Become a Morning Person

June 17, 2018

Becoming a morning person isn’t an easy task. My internal alarm clock wakes me up at 7 AM, and if I end up sleeping in later than that, I feel like I’ve wasted half of my day & feel like I can’t get anything done.

I love mornings. It’s a time where I can be alone with my own thoughts, get a lot of things done before most of the world is awake, get my alone time in for the day (v important for my sanity), and COFFEE the #1 reason mornings are the bomb.com.  Throughout the week, I get up around 5 AM, and I wanted to share with y’all 5 easy things to do in the morning to motivate you to get up and get your day started!

become a morning person

1. Create a Morning Routine

A daily routine will help you go from a zombie in the AM to the ultimate morning person (you know, the one who used to annoy the sh*t out of you). Write things down that you’ve always wanted to do before you left for work but never had the time to do. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee the size of your head while listing to your favorite tunes, take time to get ready instead of throwing clothes on and rushing out the door, actually take the time to eat breakfast, meditate, etc. Once you start taking the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to have the time for, you’ll leave for work satisfied, already feeling accomplished, and ready to rock the rest of your day!

2. Prep Before Bed

Make your lunch the night before, even your breakfast, pack your gym bag, write your To-Do list. Doing things the night before that will make the start to the next day easier will not only make your day better but also might motivate you to wake up the next day because you have fewer things to do in the AM.

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3. Start 15 minutes Earlier

Start with baby steps. For example, if your goal is to wake up at 5 AM every day, but you currently wake up at 6:30 AM, start setting your alarm to 6:15 AM for a week, then the next week 6:00 AM and so on until you get to 5 AM. This makes getting up earlier a little less overwhelming and makes it a bit easier on your body to adjust to the new schedule.

4. Exercise in the AM

When we wait to workout later in the day, we come up with excuses or reasons why we don’t have the time or are too busy to make it to the gym for our daily workout. Working out in the AM will give you an extra shot of energy to carry you through the rest of your day. As if the extra energy isn’t enough to make you switch your workout to the AM, there are so many other benefits to your body from working out in the AM (check out this article)

5. Brighten Up

It’s so easy to hit snooze or sleep through your alarm because it is pitch black in your room, so let the sun persuade you into getting up. Leave your blinds open an inch or two at the bottom. When your alarm goes off, and the sun is shining through your room, you’ll get up too.

What are your fav things to do in the morning?! Share them in the comments below!