Getting Back Into a Routine When You’ve Gotten off Track

August 13, 2018

I tend to get into a HUGE gym funk during the summer. I know, so unlike everyone else on the planet. But the question is why do I get into a funk and how do I get back on track?

With Summer comes lots of traveling, different schedules than what we would say have in mid-fall, barbeques, pool parties, not eating as well as we normally do or “treating yourself” with sweets too often. The list goes on and on.

All of the above are reasons I tend to get into a gym funk around this time of year + I don’t know about you, but I work so hard in the gym from September to June to maintain my “summer body” that when summer comes around, I just flat out need a break.

Now, don’t get me wrong breaks are good and if your body is telling you it is worn out and needs a break that is what you need to do. There is a difference however from needing a break and needing to switch up your routine. Now my lack of motivation to go to the gym comes from the need to switch up my routine, which leads me to how you can get back into your routine when you’re feeling unmotivated and have gotten off track!

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Here are some simple things you can do to get back on track!

Switch Things Up:

Start swimming instead of running, run outside, try a new fitness class, start working out with a trainer or a friend!

Challenge Yourself:

set goals for yourself whether it’s fitness related or not this will help motivate you.

Find New Tunes:

Music is the #1 thing that puts me in a good mood especially when I’m working out. My fav playlist to workout to is Pop Remix on Spotify. Find music or a playlist that inspires you and motivates! (bonus points if you share it with me!)

Stick to a Schedule:

Even on days that are crazy, find one small way to keep your schedule the same. It’s OK if you miss one day in that gym. That will not set you back at all! Keeping one thing that same in your schedule each day will make it easier to get back on track!

We’ve all been in a spot where we feel unmotivated or have gotten off track. What are some things y’all do to get out of your funk? Share your hacks in the comments below!



Creating new workout playlists is my favorite way to motivate myself. Sometimes I’ll put my fav new songs only on those playlists so I have to workout if I want to listen to it!

YES!! I do that too!
New music is the best motivation!