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The Philosophy

Müd is a digital marketing agency located in Los Angeles, CA. We focus on helping our clients tell their stories through website design, strategic brand development, & social media strategy. We design visual content that reflects our client’s brand, culture, and values. With a number of different approaches to mixed media, we work with our clients to create an approach that fits their needs and delivers the most impactful message possible. The team at Müd strives to create beautiful, unique experiences for our clients by utilizing visual content and technology to tell your unique story.

About Our Founder

Sarah is a founder, creator, and strategist. She is a passionate and high-energy, results-driven creative focused on leveraging strategic digital, social, and branding solutions for clients. Sarah created müd after years of working as a freelance digital marketing strategist. She balances an array of ongoing projects spanning digital media, online branding, creative/informational content development, and analytics.

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