3 Tips on Wearing All White

January 11, 2018

Let’s get real for a second; white is a scary color to wear. It’s just not as flattering as most colors unless you’re wearing a dress or a tee. Give me a white dress or tee & I’ll rock the hell out of it, but tackling an all white outfit can be a bit taunting. I’m here to give y’all some pointers on rocking an all-white look!

Before I get onto the tips, let’s talk about the wardrobe malfunction I had with this look. I was supposed to be wearing this gorgeous white wool sweater, not this button down. I was shooting a bunch of looks with my uncle, and as I went to change into this outfit I noticed I didn’t have the sweater, I accidentally left it at home (sigh.) I was so freaking pissed because it looked so AMAZING with the rest of the outfit. Anyway, my uncle’s sister-in-law was so generous and let me peruse her closet to find a different top that would work & I found this rad button-down. Sorry babes, I don’t know anything about the button-down, so I’m linking the sweater I was supposed to wear.

Ok, enough about the wardrobe malfunction & onto the tips!

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 Faux fur | turtleneck | white jeans | booties

1. Statement Piece:

Whether it’s a jacket, vest, trench coat, faux fur coat, whatever it is start with the statement piece first. When wearing any monochromatic look, a statement piece ties the whole thing together. When I was piecing together this outfit, I started with the faux fur jacket and built the rest of the outfit around it.

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2. Slimming Jeans:

I lose my cool when I find a good pair of jeans, who doesn’t though? If you’re smart about the style of denim you buy it’s completely timeless! When looking for a good pair of white jeans, I suggest getting a pair that hits a bit higher on your waist. When you wear jeans that are higher on your waist, it creates this illusion that your legs are longer than they are which creates a slimming effect.

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Photos by Michael Slaughter

3. Shoes With a Heel:

White just isn’t as flattering as most colors, so when wearing white jeans, you want to help yourself out a bit and create a slimming effect. The easiest way to do that is to add some height. Like wearing jeans higher around your waist makes your legs look longer- wearing any sort of heel does the exact same thing.
With this look, instead of wearing a white bootie, which would have made this outfit way too monochromatic I went with a camel color to pull a bit of the camel out of the faux fur, and it just completed the whole look!

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What is your favorite way to rock an all-white look?! Jeans, dresses, tees? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk soon, my dudes!